Mission and Values

At all times people have their values. Some of them can be changed, but some remain the same. One of such values is home. It is not just a house, but a dream house, where everything is fine both inside and outside. The place where you can spend your time well, enjoy life, family, comfort and cosiness. The place where the azure sea laps not far away, giving you warmth and energy. The place where it is not cold, and the sun always shines embodying the untroubled life.

Making this everlasting dream of every person come true is the mission of DOMOSTROY Company. We understand this as our destiny and try to make everybody, who comes to us, feel comfortable at all stages of cooperation. Everyday customer protection is the most important task for us. We offer our customers our experience, knowledge and connections in government, etc. And the result of our efforts is the maximum efficiency during the implementation of your project and a high level of comfort in working with us, because DOMOSTROY Company provides a maximum of services related to real estate market, which includes not only selection and purchase of ready housing, but construction of a house where your dreams will come true. Our services are focused on both major investors and private individuals.

We provide you with service of all that we can do well, and we are confident that no one will be able to protect your interests better in projects of the real estate market in Spain.